Single use photographic sensors

Well, the single use may not be entirely true, once you can do double exposures. This story is about enjoying 35mm film photograph.

Photo 1 — Scan of a gelatin silver print from Foma ISO 100 35mm negative
Photo 2 — Scan of a gelatin silver print from Kodak BW400CN (processed in C-41 lab), enlarged at home.
Photo 3 — Digital capture with my first digital camera in Ushuaia, AR
Photo 4 — Digital capture with full frame sensor in NYC
Photo 5 — Phoenix Park, Dublin. Kodak Proimage ISO 100 (lab scan) - Olympus Trip 35.
Photo 6— Windsor, UK. Kodak Portra ISO 160 — Olympus Trip 35
Photo 7— First home made gelatin silver print from Kodak BC400CN (lab C-41 processed negative)


Continuing my journey with film, I thought that it would be great to have an all mechanical option to take pictures. Also, one "modern" option which I could just relax and take pictures.

Photo 8— Merrion Sq, Dublin. Ilford ISO 125 — Olympus Trip 35
Photo 9 — Quin Abbey, Ireland. Fujifilm Superia 200 — Canon EOS 300v

35mm film

Today we still have a good selection of films available. The price range is huge between the existing options. I have been using negative only, as slide films are even more expensive. You basically have to find the one that fits your taste. I have tried different options, both color and back white. I’m currently living in Dublin and here you can find a good selection in physical stores. No need to buy online. The same stores can process your film and deliver the prints or the digital files scanned in good quality. With the digital files you can do small prints, max A4 I would say. If you want to go larger, take the negative with you and ask to print it larger, let’s say, A3.

Photo 10— Dromoland Castle, Ireland. Fujifilm Superia 200 — Canon EOS 300v
Photo 11 — Sambaqui, Florianopolis. Fujifilm Superia Reala ISO 100. Canon EOS Elan7

Engineering Lead at Zalando. I’m passionated for creating a productive, inclusive and safe environment for people to work. I'm also a photography enthusiast.

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